Premier is a trusted advisor and true strategic partner in all aspects of job placement in the Bay Area. We bring a wealth of knowledge and success in placing candidates into positions from entry to VP level, Direct Hire and Temporary Staffing. It is Premier's highly accomplished team that has helped establish our recognition as one of the top staffing firms in the Bay Area. We provide consistent quality results with each and every placement.

It is our passion for search and career placement that really sets us apart. As born leaders and entrepreneurs, it is the opportunity to work with companies like yours to build Premier's reputation that has been our greatest reward. Our teams of Directors have guided Premier to its recognition as one of the top consulting firms in the Bay Area, receiving many honors including:

2015 Bay Area's "Best Place to Work" - #7

2014 Bay Area's Top 100 Largest Woman Owned Companies - #18 

2014 Bay Area's Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies - #97 

2014 Inc5000 - #2161

2012 Stevie's Award Finalist - Women Entrepreneur of the Year

Our Beginning

Since its founding in 1998, Premier has been a true strategic partner and trusted advisor to its select clients throughout the Bay Area. Being the leader in temporary agencies and full-time employment for San Francisco, the East Bay, and Silicon Valley, our primary goal is to partner with Best-in-Class companies to help them build their best hiring practices, employee development programs and retention goals.

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