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Food for Thought: When to Start Looking for New Opportunities

Thinking about starting the dreaded job search process? Stop and ask yourself these questions first! According to the Bureau of Labor department, the average employee stays in their company for 4-5 years, with younger employees staying only 2 years.

Tips For Nailing Your Interview In Style

It is true – you only get one chance to make a first impression. While your resume secures the interview, your appearance sets the stage for a successful interaction with the hiring manager.

Why Employees Leave

Gaining insight into why employees resign provides organizations with a deeper understanding of how to improve retention.

Beyond the Bullet Points: Resumes and Job Descriptions

Apart from networking, job seekers typically begin their search by scouring job boards. With a bounty of opportunities in the Bay Area and a shortage of talent, it is more common for job seekers to be particular in their search.

Shifting Salary Trends in 2016

With Thanksgiving around the corner, there’s another reason to be grateful: an upward trend in 2016 salaries.